Texas 50 Notre Dame 47

Brian Kelly Texas

If you want to be a contender, you gotta win games like this one. Unfortunately, ND is not a top tier team and we could easily be looking at an 8-4 season. On the plus side, if you like commercials follow the Irish.

The 2 QB experiment should be over. Kizer is clearly far superior, you can use Zaire as a change of pace similar to Swoopes at Texas.

Let’s can the talk about the ND OL. They are mediocre at best and really not very good at run blocking.

Folston breaks a 54 yard run on the 2nd play, but then ends with just 88 total rush yards and Kizer had 77. ND ended with total of 206 rushing yards. Take out the running game of Kizer and the 54 yarder and you don’t have much to be proud of.

Kizer is probably playing in his last year. Will he go pro? Don’t know yet, but then you have Zaire back vs Wimbush – good Lord no. McGlinchy and Nelson both go Pro.

Finally on offense – try to be less predictable. Give up the vaunted running game and just let Kizer roll out and pass, pass and maybe run.

Now Defense – what the hell can you say there? ND has nothing, no system, no identity. Half the time players don’t have a clue where to line up.

You have a true freshman QB for Texas passing 16/26 280 yards 2 TD’s and 1 pick. Never sacked. Even a half ass D can do better than that.

Everyone knows BVG hasn’t a clue about uptempo offenses. You can bet ND will see a ton of that going ahead.

So it will be a long, long season ending with a tiny bowl game – take Hawaii.

Here are the game highlights:

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:


  • IRISH in LA says:

    I agree with everything you said. No way this team could compete with the elites.

  • SeanPatrick says:

    Tough loss. Terrible no call on targeting. If Kizer didn’t pull up short on that pass to him. BVG has got to go. Tackling still absolutely horrible. Secondary nonexistent. How was the offensive line ranked #1 in preseason? We had opportunities to win. MSU game will really be best judge of how good or bad this season ends up being.

    Hoping Texas is really, really good.

    • Irish Editor says:

      Sean–ND is really that bad. Their are no excuses left, I just watched rerun and both(so called All Americans and Nelson (LG) and McGlinchy(LT) blown up on critical play. I’m sorry to say that ND just flamed out as did Kelly. MSU gets no recruits like ND–yet look what they do with them–imagine if MSU coach got ND recruits!!!!

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