Walk On WR Chris Finke Awarded Scholarship

Chris Finke

Chris Finke 5’9″ 180 WR from Kettering Ohio landed a scholarship impressing coaches with his speed and darting style of running.

He popped up frequently on the clips we’ve seen of the practices–actually running with the second team.

Kelly dubbed him a faster Robby Toma.

Here is his highlights video:


Kelly Drops The Hammer

Brian Kelly Statement

Brian Kelly has dismissed Max Redfield from the team and indefinitely suspended Devin Butler.

The remaining misfits are suspended pending official action. Redfield has been a problem and just couldn’t straighten himself out.

I, personally, would kick all six of these guys out of the school. Give me a break – riding around with a loaded unregistered handgun!!!!! Out you go – hasta la vista.

Here is the full statement Brian Kelly issued about this:

During the past 24 hours, I have met with each of the members of our team involved in the two incidents that occurred over the weekend, reviewed the evidence available to me, and consulted with others involved in the leadership of our team and the University. That process has only served to deepen my disappointment in the poor decisions made by these young men. Their conduct fell far short of what we expect from those who represent our football team and this great university.

On the basis of my review, I have decided to dismiss Max Redfield from our football team and place Devin Butler on indefinite suspension. The other individuals, while not being separated from the team, will be subject to disciplinary measures internal to the football program.

In making this announcement it is important to stress that all of the players involved in these two incidents remain subject to justice system and University discipline, and those processes could yet impact their standing with the University and the team. At Notre Dame, where we place so much importance on the integration of students who are athletes into the broader university, the primary responsibility for discipline lies, as it should, with the University’s Office of Community Standards. But even within that system, there are times when a player’s conduct so clearly fails to meet the standards I have set for our football team that it is appropriate to take action independent of any decision that might be made by the Office of Community Standards. This is such an instance. The expectations we set for the members of our team are high, but they are especially so for the upperclassmen who are expected to provide leadership and a positive example to the other members of the team. Max and, at least at this stage in the review of his case, Devin, have failed in that regard and so have lost the privilege of continuing to be part of our team.


6 ND Football Players Arrested

ND Police

Just what we needed. Fall practice ends and 6 guys celebrate by getting arrested in 2 separate incidents as reported by ESPN.

Devin Butler senior CB arrested at a bar for resisting arrest.

5 players in a car driven by freshman CB Ashton White first pulled over for speeding, but marijuana found as well as a loaded gun. Good luck with your future guys:

  • Ashton White – freshman CB
  • Max Redfield – senior Safety
  • Kevin Stepherson – freshman WR
  • Tevon Coney – soph LB
  • Dexter Williams – soph RB

Opening Texas game in 2 weeks —- great timing.


Media Day 8/17

There are plenty of coaches interviews including Brian Kelly. Kelly revealed that after 12 days and 14 practices, he has a tie at QB between Kizer and Zaire. Both will play vs. Texas and beyond unless one dominates in actual games. Needless to say neither is very happy.

It seems Colin McGovern has won the RG spot – so for now the line is complete.

Kelly will be the decision maker as to when in a game he will insert the QB’s. It will be interesting to see how this goes. That’s a lot of pressure on both.

Here are all the video clips:


Kelly And Practice

Here are a bunch of short practice clips. You don’t really see much and it’s not really anything different from the last 6 years of practice coverage. There was much more practice footage when Weis was coaching, but here they are:


8/11 Press Conference Brian Kelly

Well it’s 3 weeks to Texas so that means Kelly really has to make a QB decision (at least in his head) by next Saturday night.

I think he’s really worried about the receiver position so that may mean he’ll go with Zaire and go with a full bore rushing game. The RG position is still open.


Brian Kelly Presser 8/5/16 And More

Brian Kelly previewed the status of the team which starts Fall Practice for the 2016 season.

Here is the video of the press conference:

In other recent news, ND added a 2018 4 Star MLB commit Matthew Bauer from Erie, Pa.

Matthew Bauer

Here is his highlight reel:

Click Here For 2018 Commit List

Grant Blankenship TE is no longer with the team and will transfer.

Alize Jones TE will miss 2016 due to academics.


Commit Number 16 for 2017 DT Darnell Ewell

Darnell Ewell

ND landed 4 Star DT Darnell Ewell 6’4″ 295 beating out a host of other schools. It’s been so long that ND got a DT recruit of this quality that it’s hard to comprehend.

I guess you could go back to Nix, but this guy looks like he could run 5 yards without falling on his face. Getting Ewell could open the way to landing a first rate DE.

Here is his highlight reel:

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