Our Hero – Brian Kelly #1 In Most ND Losses

Brian Kelly Most ND Losses

Brian Kelly now has the most losses in Notre Dame coaching history. His record is 59–31. The next closest one is Lou Holtz with a record of 100–30–2, but he coached 4 more years than Kelly and also won a National Championship.

Check out this list of coaches and their records at ND:

J.L. Morison189413–1–1
H. G. Hadden189513–1–0
Frank E. Hering1896–98312–6–1
James McWeeney189916–3–1
Pat O'Dea1900–01214–4–2
James F. Faragher1902–03214–2–2
Red Salmon190415–3–0
Henry J. McGlew190515–4–0
Thomas A. Barry1906–07212–1–1
Victor M. Place190818–1–0
Shorty Longman1909–10211–1–2
Jack Marks1911–12213–0–2
Jesse Harper1913–17534–5–1
Knute Rockne1918–3013105–12–5
Heartley William "Hunk" Anderson1931–33316–9–2
Elmer Layden1934–40747–13–3
Frank Leahy1941–43, 46–531187–11–9
Edward McKeever194418–2–0
Hugh Devore1945, 6329–9–1
Terry Brennan1954–58532–18–0
Joe Kuharich1959–62417–23–0
Ara Parseghian1964–741195–17–4
Dan Devine1975–80653–16–1
Gerry Faust1981–85530–26–1
Lou Holtz1986–9611100–30–2
Bob Davie1997–2001535–25
Tyrone Willingham2002–2004321–15
Charlie Weis2005–2009535–27
Brian Kelly2010–present759–31

How does he still have a job at Notre Dame? There are rumors that he is actively looking for other coaching jobs and with the recent cheating scandal and NCAA vacating two seasons of wins, it would be surprising if he is coaching The Irish next year.

In addition two Kelly coaching alums are doing horrible as well. Bob Diaco is the head coach of UConn and his overall record is 11–26. Next is Chuck Martin. He is the head coach of Miami (OH) and his record is 11–25. Almost the same record.

In other news Malik Zaire has been granted a release and will transfer to another school. With the coaching situation up in the air there will probably be a lot more of this from other players, coaches and recruits.


USC 45 Notre Dame 27

Brian Kelly post game USC press conference

The game went just about as expected and was over by the half 24-7. The one bright light for ND was the running of Josh Adams – 180 tough yards.

It was amazing that ND kept throwing to Corey Holmes, who can’t catch at all. Former walk on Chris Finke had 4 catches for 54 yards and a TD. Hopefully he will pay a bigger role in 2017.

For USC it was the Adoree Jackson show – see highlights plus Ronald Jones. The USC QB Darnold wasn’t as good as I thought, but he was good enough to win the game.

Here are the game highlights:

Unfortunately, ND’s big highlight was a classless act 2x by Jerry Tillery – purposely stomping on someone’s foot as well as a downed players head.

Kelly met the press and no he didn’t resign, but he did keep the team on the field at halftime in the rain to give them a good lecture. This didn’t work.

It would have been better if he had gotten up on a chair and led the USC band. He wasn’t fired either, so unless someone makes him president of a bank he’ll be back.

So what other changes? First, ST coach Booker is history. Maybe Frank Beamer is available.

Sanford won’t hang around, he’s too good and is ready to move on. My guess is Denbrock goes back to TE coach and Jeff Quinn becomes the OC.

Kelly keeps pointing out that he’s been a coach for over 25 years. The only problem is it was mostly in Div 2. He succeeded Mark Dantonio at Cinncy and used his recruits to go to 2 Bowl Games – losing both.

He slithered out if Cinncy with a heavy police guard rather than coach against Florida in the Sugar Bowl – Jeff Quinn did.

It’s hard to believe we all thought back in August that we were going to the Final Four. Harder to believe that not one player significantly improved his play over the Season and that is on the coaches.

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:


Notre Dame Vs USC Predictions

Notre Dame Vs USC Predictions

Clay Helton desperately wants to hold on to the Head Coach gig he currently has at USC. I don’t know what his contract terms are, hell could be game to game.

To keep this job you have to beat UCLA and ND on a regular basis and unbelievably QB Sam Darnold dropped into his lap. He’s a redshirt freshman who has been outstanding since landing the starting job.

They just beat UCLA 36-14 and are averaging 474 yds per game and USC is 8-3. Helton will have Darnold for at least the next 2 years.

The other team in this match is a shipwreck arriving for the purpose of getting a real beatdown and then slinking back to South Bend. To further drive the stake into Kelly the imbecilic NCAA has imposed sanctions which include vacating all wins from the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

Ya think Kelly will do much recruiting now with this anchor around his neck? How about the assistants who are just waiting for the pink slip?

No real recruiting from anyone at ND. Actually, they deserve to be fired so where does that leave Kelly? He can’t hire any good assistants since if he stays 2017 will be his last year anyhow.

Best for Kelly to see what HC jobs are available on the west coast – weather is better also. Think he contemplates looking out his office window at snow for the next 5 months?

This will be a repeat of the 2014 game a 49-14 waxing. If Kizer even plays he won’t last the whole game. ND tries for the 1st quarter then completely collapses.

USC 55 ND 24

Here is the Brian Kelly pre USC game press conference:


Virginia Tech 34 Notre Dame 31

Brian Kelly VT Post Game Press

Notre Dame QB Kizer dazzled in the first half in what will be his last game in Notre Dame Stadium. By the end of the game he was like a crumpled up old dishrag. He took hits galore especially in the 2nd half when the Notre Dame offense went into a catatonic state producing only 7 points in that half to VT’s 20.

In what originally looked like a blowout, VT came back to register 14 points in the 2nd quarter, still behind 24-14 but that was it for the Irish. They crumbled in the 2nd half and VT had a good time battering Kizer.

Inexplicably the Tech staff made adjustments while ND did not, either on offense or defense. I think that’s what coaches are supposed to do.

Notre Dame went 3 and out 5 times in the 2nd half and the “O” coaches had no clue on how to handle VT’s adjustments. The ND defense looked tired and bewildered as the game wore on – these guys really aren’t in very good shape, in my opinion.

Kudos to VT QB Jarod Evans, man is he a punishing runner. They have a big FB and Evans just tucked in behind him.

It’s not known if Kizer can go against USC. If he can’t this game could break all scoring records against ND in school history.

Kelly is going to have to really shake up his staff, but where do you even start? I’d start with Kelly.

Here are the highlights and post game Brian Kelly press conference:


Notre Dame Vs Virginia Tech Predictions

ND vs VT predictions

Notre Dame staggers to the finish line hosting VT on Senior Day in the last Home Game of the 2016 Season. There is no magic left for teams playing in Notre Dame Stadium, those days vanished long ago. And it won’t matter since VT will win this game.

VT is currently standing at 7-3 with a chance to make the ACC Championship Game under 1st year HC Justin Fuente. VT lost to Tennessee, Syracuse and just last week to Georgia Tech. In the GT game VT fell behind by 20 points and could not recover as GT won 30-20.

When you look at VT you see a team that is up and down similar to what ND went through this year, but this team can come in and roll over a team that stumbled all year.

VT has a very good defense – good front 7 and a secondary that is pretty good also. Their LB’s are very active and can lay the wood on you, so Kizer better pick his spots and avoid hits.

On offense VT has a very dangerous QB. Jerod Evans is a dual threat weapon who is about the same size as Kizer. Evans only has 4 picks this year and 2 occurred last week – so he’s careful with the ball throwing 22 TD’s and he’s run for over 600 yards. So they can score and they can play defense.

Now Notre Dame. Kelly drags in a totally overrated OL, a 4 play offense and if Kizer is not protected he will just start running and will be punished by the VT linebackers.

VT averages over 400 yards per game and if Evans is hot they’ll match that Saturday. They like to go to their 6’7″ TE but this kid also lines up as a wideout.

Virginia Tech 34 Notre Dame 24

Here is a Brian Kelly Press conference and a radio interview:


Notre Dame 44 Army 6

Brian Kelly - Army press conference

This game was over as soon as CJ Sanders ran the kickoff back 92 yards. Army was in way over their heads and their coach summed it up best “we don’t belong on the same field with them”.

This was a total blowout although the OL continues to struggle blocking. ND rushed for 261 yards to Army’s 229 and ND led 38-6 at the half.

I’m just staring at the TV set now and even though ND won–who really cares. I don’t think much of VT or USC but don’t think we can beat either. Nothing to feel good about here, after all Kizer looked bigger than any of Army’s linemen. ND was just too big to lose.

I don’t know what gets into Kizer, he’s off on the easiest throws and deadly on the difficult ones. I don’t like him running the ball this much. I think he accounted for about 80 yards by himself.

With the blow out in progress Kelly kept a lot of 1st team players in until about the last 6 minutes. The subs are horrible, by the way.

Anyhow, it will be interesting how the rest of it plays out particularly the off season.

Navy will kill Army.

Here is the post game Brian Kelly press conference:


Notre Dame vs Army Predictions

ND vs Army Predictions

Another triple option team that is #2 in the country in rushing averaging 320 yards. Bob Davie’s New Mexico team is #1 averaging about 350 yards per game.

I find it interesting how Kelly dances around Jarron Jones saying that Virginia Tech is more to Jones taste. I think he does not want to risk injury and won’t play a lot and when he does he’ll be guarding his knees. Notre Dame like most schools can’t stop the triple option attack despite Bob Elliott working non stop on it.

So if I’m Army I go real uptempo and try to stick with ND until the 4th quarter by which time the ND defense will be exhausted.

Army is standing at 5-4 losing their last game to Air Force 31-12. Jeff Monken is in his 3rd year and a win against ND should get Army into a Bowl Game. Army has a particularly good Defensive Line and if ND’s OL does not play well then Kizer will be chased all over and throw erratically.

I have no confidence that this team is ready to show up. Kizer gets more erratic every game and his receivers frequently stand around and watch him run. I would get receiver Finke more playing time, he looks like he’s hungry.

I hesitate to say ND wins so the prediction below could go either way.

Notre Dame 31 Army 24

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:


Navy 28 Notre Dame 27

Brian Kelly Post Game Navy

With just over 7 minutes remaining and ND at the Navy 14 yard line staring at 4th and 4 and losing 28-24 what would you do?

Remember ND has a giant non blocking line and Kizer can be wobbly throwing short. If you kick the FG you are still one point behind and you might not get the ball back, but then again you might get the onside kick (yuk) and merely get your TD or FG then. What would you do if you were Kelly? Well he blew this big time.

He got the FG but no onside kick, but he still had 3 time outs and he had Kizer. He should have gone for the 1st down running Kizer. Even if he didn’t make it they had Navy on their own 14, dangerous territory. All you need then is one 4 and out and you have much better field position, always better to have a short field and Navy would have had to play conservative.

So as it plays out Navy put on a very gutsy performance, with some clutch play calling and execution, bleeds the clock out and wins the game.

Navy QB Will Worth ran for 175 yard and was clutch all game. Yeah, he really is a gamer as is the whole Navy team and they once again showed real time grit. ND’s big DL is basically worthless and as I predicted Jarron Jones hardly played.

To top it off ND has a bunch of clownish players on the side line waving towels and dancing around even when Navy scores. That’s not showing they are jazzed it is just showing basically an I don’t care mentality.

Navy totaled 320 yards, kept the ball and befuddled the ND defense. They deserved this win and ND deserved to lose.

Here are the highlights and post game Brian Kelly press conference:


Notre Dame vs Navy Predictions

ND vs Navy Predictions

Navy has one of the top 5 coaches in the country with Ken Niumatalolo and he almost bolted to BYU – came close. I think he wants this game as a signature win and by the way Urban Meyer wants nothing to do with Navy.

Triple offense drives teams crazy especially if it’s rolling. Navy is sitting at 5-2 with big wins over Houston (46-40), Memphis (42-28) and almost coming from behind to overtake South Florida scoring 24 4th quarter points but eventually falling 52-45.

So ND comes into this game with the front 7 looking to protect their knees especially Jarron Jones who will be looking to a Pro future. Much like Lou Nix don’t expect Jones to do much especially if he gets cut blocked from left and right.

Navy wants to hold onto the ball and run the clock while at the same time stopping ND’s run game.

Kizer is going to get his yards, but I really don’t trust the ND OL. Player to player Navy can’t touch ND, but ND can’t play a full 60 minutes while Navy never stops until the last whistle.

I see ND getting 40 points, but if they let Navy hang around going into the 4th quarter – look out. There is something missing in this ND team and I am not buying the rah rah they’ve been pumping out.

Navy 45 Notre Dame 40


Notre Dame 30 Miami 27

Notre Dame did everything possible to give this game to the Canes. Punt return problems and completely befuddled by an on-side kick put this game almost in the L column. Getting tired of the fake rah rah jumping up and down by the sideline players – it just looks way too phony.

Anyhow, ND blazed thru the first quarter with 17 points and an up tempo offense to almost completely blow out Miami and adding 3 in the 2nd Quarter.

I would have to posit that Sanford scripted those offensive calls and after that it was same old same old with I guess Kelly and Denbrock running the Offense.

Wow did Jarron Jones (94) explode in this game. He was battering Miami’s Center the whole game. Nyles Morgan (5) was just terrific and actually executed a delayed blitz to end the game. These defensive guys were flying all over the place. I think they like playing for Greg Hudson.

Game ball went to Jones but FG kicker Yoon’s 9 points was equally critical as was Adams 41 yd TD burst. Kizer tossed 2 TD passes.

You have to ask yourself what the hell is going on with this offense? They score a quick 20 and then need a miracle to win the game. They were up 20-0 then Miami scores 27 unanswered.

I just don’t see how they get 3 more wins to qualify for a Bowl Game. Navy is scary.

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference: