Temple Week – Predictions

ND vs Temple 2017 Predictions

Well, it’s almost here and ND is welcoming what is really a patsy. It should be over by halftime, but ND always lets teams like this hang around. It would really be shaky if Temple hadn’t lost HC Matt Rhule. He won 20 games in the last 2 years.

The new Temple HC is Geoff Collins – former DC from Florida. Anyone from an SEC team can cause ND problems.

Once again, we are being told that ND has the best OL in the country. We are told that every year.

All Americans at LT and LG – I’ll believe that when I see it. ND is also weak at Center and have a first time player at RT.

New OC Chip Long allegedly will call all the plays and Kelly will just watch – but Kelly just has to get his 3 plays in somewhere, after all he’s been coaching 28 years, ya know.

Temple is currently -18 against ND–take the 18!

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