Stanford 38 Notre Dame 20 – Highlights And Recap

ND vs S tanford Post Press

This cannot be fixed – period. Kelly has ruined more ND QB’s than any other coach in college football. Stanford, an average team with a freshman QB, completely outplayed ND. ND really only had two significant plays – 2 passes that the receivers ran 80 yards for TD’s.

Here are the game highlights:

Unfortunately, Wimbush does not have the poise to be a consistent winning QB. He does not make quick decisive decisions in the passing game. He gets the yips and runs – Stanford had the answer – just keep him inside.

Josh Adams again took a beating while a one legged RB Bryce Love ran for 125 yards. Wimbush also took a beating on every run and clearly looked hurt during the game.

It made no sense for Kelly not to play Ian Book at the end of the game. He is a far better passer with a quick release.

There is no there there – no imaginative play calling – actually, just same old same old. I can’t see what OC Long brought to ND – every play looked like Kelly. I bet he wishes he never took this job and will leave at any decent offer.

So we go to a lower tier Bowl and just pray for a lousy opponent. I believe the 2018 Season starts with Michigan – a sure loss…

Here is the post game Brian Kelly press conference:

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