Notre Dame 49 USC 14 – Highlights And Recap

Brian Kelly USC 2017

Eat crow editor – Gladly!

ND demolished USC with the running of Josh Adams 191 yards, including an 84 yard burst right up the middle, and scored 3 TD’s.

Wimbush finally got his passing game on track and looked sharp doing it – 2 TD passes as well as 2 TD runs.

Notre Dame out rushed USC 377-76.

Here are the game highlights:

This was a completely different ND team from the first half of the season and the Defense completely destroyed QB Sam Darnold starting with the very first time he touched the ball – fumble.

Darnold was abused all game as the ND Defense obliterated the USC OL. They completely destroyed the Trojan Offense – fumbles, picks all game.

This game was over by halftime 28-0 and USC got 2 junk TD’s when it didn’t matter.

This dominating performance should really bolster ND’s confidence as they go up against a stingy NC State next Saturday.

Josh Adams is one hell of a Running Back and should be in any Heisman discussion.

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:


Notre Dame vs USC Predictions

Notre Dame Vs USC Predictions

Well let’s see if we can get QB Sam Darnold a Heisman. After all we were a great help to a number of Trojans.

Junior Darnold has been hot and cold so far this season, but just wait to see what he does Saturday Night.

That’s right another night game at ND stadium – home field does not give advantage to the Irish anymore. Darnold will have a big night as will USC RB Ronald Jones.

Let’s see what USC has done so far this year:

  • W – Western Michigan 49-31
  • W – Stanford 42-24
  • W – Texas 27-24
  • W – Cal 30-20
  • L – Washington State 30-27
  • W – Oregon State 38-10
  • W – Utah 28-27

Utah was a come from behind win last week.

Let’s take a look at ND 5-1 with a jittery QB and a bunch of inadequate receivers. If ND is to win the OL has to totally dominate the USC front 7 who will be coming all night.

We’ll get some run yards, but I would bet USC jams and stops the run. The only possible way for a ND win is for Wimbush to complete a few critical passes and runs all over the place. Outside of Georgia, ND hasn’t played the competition USC has.

USC rises to the challenge with Darnold red hot and beats ND.

USC 33 ND 24

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:


Notre Dame 33 North Carolina 10 – Highlights And Recap

nd vs unc brian kelly press

Is there a more incompetent team than NC? I know just about the whole team is injured, but they must have a QB better than that guy. NC is set to lose every game left on their schedule.

Now to ND. Book was just OK in his debut 17/31 146 yards, 1 TD and 2 harmless picks. It would help if ND had a receivers coach – the guys we have are really mediocre at route running.

With a first time starter, an away game and weather, there was a hell of a lot more they could have done to help Ian Book out. Book, though has quite an arm! If he played more he could refine his game, but right now he is a much sharper passer than Wimbush.

He doesn’t have his wheels, but is an adequate runner. The big story is RB Deon McIntosh who put up 124 yards and 2 TD’s – not bad for a 4th stringer. Of course Josh Adams went over 100 yards again including a 72 yd TD run.

Play calling left a lot to be desired but we can rack that up to limiting things for Book.

The ND defense is playing with a lot more intensity than at any time last year.

Bye week and then the rough part of the schedule. We’ll then know what we really have on the OL and DL.

Here are the highlights:

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:


Notre Dame At North Carolina Predictions – 3:30 PM EST ABC

Notre Dame At North Carolina Predictions

Wimbush apparently has some sort of foot injury which might keep him out of this contest. He already has arm problems in that he really can’t throw that well.

The key to defending Wimbush is rushing him up the middle and taking out the right rollout. He can’t pass at all rolling out to his left.

If for some reason the ND rushing game stalls and Wimbush has to run – he’s just going to aggravate his foot more, but Kelly would start him even if he had a broken leg.

This game is a perfect opportunity to find out what Ian Book has. North Carolina 1-4 really has nothing and ND should finish in the 40’s.

NC is all banged up with injuries and lost all their good players to the NFL. So give Book an opportunity – so far he looks like a much better passer than Wimbush. Wimbush should go to a Passing Coach in the off week.

Regardless ND should run all over NC at least 300+ yds and coast to a win after a tight 1st Quarter.

Notre Dame 45 North Carolina 17

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:


Notre Dame 52 Miami 17 – Highlights And Recap

Brian Kelly Miami OH Win

I now want all of ND’s games broadcasted at 5PM EST. That way you get the best of both worlds – a day & night game and it starts right at cocktail hour. You’re not up to 11-12PM and can’t remember the last quarter.

So 2nd play Josh Adams sprints down the field for a long TD run on a bad ankle and the game is over. Seems every RB on ND has bad ankles – Adams, Williams and Jones so Deon McIntosh runs a 40 yd td and Freshman CJ Holmes gets to play.

Finally some WR’s show up with both Claypool and Boykin catching TD Passes. Wimbush was 7/18 for 119 yards and 3 TD’s, but man does he have happy feet.

The OL just has to give better pass protection or teams are going to prevent Wimbush from rolling right.

Best pass of the game was Ian Book’s 48 yard toss and great over the shoulder catch by Chris Finke.

Check out the highlights:

Here is the post game Brian Kelly press conference:


Notre Dame vs Miami Ohio Predictions

Notre Dame vs Miami Ohio Predictions

Chuck Martin returns to ND stadium Saturday with absolutely no chance to win the game. Martin an always exuberant guy and fun to be around is still a die hard ND fan.

He comes in with a pretty competent QB in Gus Ragland and little else.

This should be over by halftime and hopefully we will see a lot of subs. We are going to need a lot of guys able to play as we near the tough part of the schedule.

I especially want QB Book to get a lot of playing time. I have the feeling we’ll need him with all the running Wimbush does.

Notre Dame 48 Miami Ohio 20

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:


Notre Dame 38 Michigan State 18 – Recap And Highlights

brian kelly msu post game

A win is a win, but boy do we have a long way to go. 4 Plays did in MSU: 1 Pick for a TD, 2 Fumbles – one occurred when a MSU back dropped the ball as he was about to score – actually it was punched out. 4 Drue Tranquill sack on the QB rolling out.

ND looked pretty damn good, Wimbush completed passes to others beside EQ and ran for a TD. All RB’s played. So all around plenty to feel good about until you look at the game stats:

Total Yards:

MSU 496 – ND 355

Rush Yards:

ND 182 – MSU 151

Pass Yards:

MSU 345 – ND 173

Granted stats don’t win games but these show that MSU moved the ball and might have made this a nail biter without the pick and 2 fumbles.

Overall the team looked more energetic and a lot of guys played and total team improvement was there compared to the BC game.

We won’t really know what we have until USC – and USC is beatable.

Here are the game highlights:

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:


Notre Dame vs Michigan State Predictions – 8PM Fox

ND vs MSU predictions

MSU just had a bye week after playing 2 tuneup games against Bowling Green and Western Michigan which they easily won. Their offense features a dual threat QB Brian Lewerke and a good RB in LJ Scott. They have a fairly decent OL and a good front seven on defense. They also have Mark Dantonio while we have Brian Kelly.

Dantonio has done more with less talent and I have often wondered what he might have done coaching ND. I believe he really misses his longtime DC Pat Narduzzi who is currently the HC at Pitt.

MSU’s front 7 is led by Raequan Williams who will give ND fits all game and he’s got good LB’s behind him. Defensive backfield is so so, but shouldn’t matter since Brandon Wimbush just locks onto EQ who will be double covered.

Look for MSU to load the box, shut down running lanes and pressure Wimbush who gets the yips if EQ is covered. MSU can take a lot of chances in this game while Kelly will be playing not to lose. It will have a close final score wit MSU edging ND 24 to 21.

MSU 24 ND 21

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game MSU press conference:


Notre Dame 49 Boston College 20 – Recap And Highlights

Brian Kelly post game BC press conference

This game wasn’t as lopsided as the final score. Until about 11 minutes into the 3rd quarter the score was 14-13 then BC just collapsed. They played hard until a series of long runs put the game out of reach.

ND had 515 rushing yards and only about 100 passing yards. Adams ran for 229 yards while Wimbush had 207 with 4 TD’s.

So what does that tell us? Wimbush looked like a running back trying to pass – in fact his passing game was dreadful. Where were ND’s receivers? No one was open and if they were, Wimbush missed them. He’s aiming the ball way too much.

When you watch this game again – if it wasn’t a long run nothing much was happening and it was obvious ND just wore down BC. Hate can only take you so far.

Going ahead I don’t know what to think. We have MSU next and then Miami Ohio – neither should be a problem, but then again MSU always gives ND all they can handle.

ND must do something about its passing game if they expect to live through the 2nd half of the season. But for now at least the subs got some playing time.

Here are the game highlights:

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:


Notre Dame vs Boston College Predictions

ND vs BC Predictions

Don’t let yourselves get conned – that was not a Chris Long Offense run against Georgia. That was all Kelly.

Just like Sanford, Long is on a tight leash. I’m almost positive Kelly told Long we’ll run MY offense and all Game Plans have to be Ok’d by me. So nothing has changed.

Also, ask yourself just how many QB’s has Kelly ruined in his 8 years at ND? Tommy Rees is the only QB to have any success and he was a drop back passer with a lot of limitations.

Nobody on the OL apparently can call the set ups so that’s Wimbush’s additional problem. Since Kelly has been at ND the OL has not been in sync with the play calling.

Every year we are told the OL is really special and that the strength coach has got them super strong – except when you run into a team like Georgia. At one point in the Georgia game all 5 on the ND OL were stood up and pushed back.

Receiver Finke is supposed to start this week and hopefully we will see a lot of CJ Sanders or anybody else who can get open. Wimbush also has to stop aiming the ball and stop staring down EQ.

As far as BC is concerned they are just like Temple except they really, really hate ND and that will keep them in the game. They really only have one player – DE Harald Landry 6’3″ 250 lbs who should eat both OT’s alive.

Take the points in this game.

Notre Dame 24 Boston College 17

Here is Brian Kelly’s pre game press conference: