Stanford 38 Notre Dame 20 – Highlights And Recap

ND vs S tanford Post Press

This cannot be fixed – period. Kelly has ruined more ND QB’s than any other coach in college football. Stanford, an average team with a freshman QB, completely outplayed ND. ND really only had two significant plays – 2 passes that the receivers ran 80 yards for TD’s.

Here are the game highlights:

Unfortunately, Wimbush does not have the poise to be a consistent winning QB. He does not make quick decisive decisions in the passing game. He gets the yips and runs – Stanford had the answer – just keep him inside.

Josh Adams again took a beating while a one legged RB Bryce Love ran for 125 yards. Wimbush also took a beating on every run and clearly looked hurt during the game.

It made no sense for Kelly not to play Ian Book at the end of the game. He is a far better passer with a quick release.

There is no there there – no imaginative play calling – actually, just same old same old. I can’t see what OC Long brought to ND – every play looked like Kelly. I bet he wishes he never took this job and will leave at any decent offer.

So we go to a lower tier Bowl and just pray for a lousy opponent. I believe the 2018 Season starts with Michigan – a sure loss…

Here is the post game Brian Kelly press conference:


Notre Dame vs Stanford Predictions

Notre Dame Vs Stanford Predictions

Now we really know. Pitt just beat Miami 24-14 with a freshman QB, caused Miami to punt 10 times and ended the game with a time consuming final drive.

Here are the highlights from that game:

Compare that to ND’s players and coaches who were absolutely terrified throughout their game. Frozen by fear, the entire ND football team basically could not function on any level. Pitt has 7 losses.

Stanford has had ND’s number for years and I again look to a frightened ND team just suffering a total collapse in their final game. This will look like Gerry Faust’s last game at ND.

This is a top to bottom problem led by the ridiculed Brian Kelly and I don’t care how many strength coaches and assistant coaches Kelly hires – it’s on him and the players and they just can’t compete. Kelly has to go, win or loss.

Stanford 38 Notre Dame 17

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:


Notre Dame 24 Navy 17 – Recap And Highlights

nd vs navy highlight pic

Weary and dreary the whole game and a bunch of little kids almost beat the giants of the midwest.

Wimbush had 2 beautiful passes to Stepherson for TD’s, but he almost got WR EQ killed with another of his patented high passes. How can you be a major college QB and not be able to toss a 4 yard lob pass? Wimbush has a long delivery throwing motion which will keep him out of Pro Ball. Someone get him a dartboard.

I don’t know what anyone can do to improve this team right now. Almost every play is predictable and Wimbush obviously does not trust his OL.

Adams has been hurt for awhile and seems to re-injure himself every time he runs. He ran for 106 yards and the Navy FB ran for 87. The Navy QB a gritty kid but he just can’t pass that well.

The weather and Navy holding the ball for 43 minutes put viewers in a funk mixed with disappointment.

OK, next up and last game of the regular season is Stanford and Stanford is only so-so but so is ND. The best thing that can happen for ND is to lose to Stanford and not have to play any of the major top 15 teams in a Bowl Game.

Coaches – I pray some Pro Team is stupid enough to hire Kelly. We have a legitimate 5 Star QB committed, but if Kelly is still there he won’t play and if that happens he might transfer out.

I am not impressed by our new OC but then again all these plays look a lot like Kelly. We are light years removed from the Holtz era.

Here are the game highlights:

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:


Notre Dame vs Navy Predictions

ND vs Navy Predictions

Well at least when ND takes the field against Navy they won’t be terrified. The Miami players literally scared the s*** out of them.

Wimbush had eyes as large as dinner plates. The good news is that loss will keep ND away from some other really good teams out there. Maybe Rutgers will be available.

Wimbush is turning into Golson – it’s almost eerie. I don’t think his passing can be corrected – he really has the yips.

ND shouldn’t lose this game, but don’t forget the seniors with a possibility of playing Pro Ball will be more concerned with not getting hurt than winning. Adams has already left the field with some type of injury, but can still yuk it up on the sideline.

I’d play Book and put Wimbush in as a receiver.

Of more concern is the fact that Miami knew what plays ND was running especially the Book TD pick.

If I were Kelly I’d put the OC upstairs. He obviously had no idea what Miami was doing. At least he could see that the Miami speed was killing his slow developing plays.

Look for a lackluster game with Navy holding the ball.

Notre Dame 35 Navy 27

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:


Miami 41 Notre Dame 8 – Recap And Highlights

brian kelly miami post game

This pot began to boil in the 3rd quarter of the Wake Forest game. Think about what you just saw. That was a complete dismantling plastered on both the Offense and Defense of ND by a jacked up Miami team.

They flat out destroyed ND. Forget about the new Strength Coach and both new OC and DC. ND had 109 Rush Yards to Miami’s 237.

Josh Adams lost whatever he started out with and probably lost all confidence in the OL – justifiably.

Brandon Wimbush really is just a runner who sometimes can throw a spiral. This is his first season as a starter, but it’s his 3rd season on the team – sorry he’s just not a QB.

Ian Book throws one pass for a Miami pick/TD, so he’s not the answer. 2018 Commit QB Phil Jurkovec should be given the ball as soon as he steps on campus. He’ll be greatly assisted by the departure of LT McGlinchy who will never make it in the NFL unless they make him a Center.

I can easily see them losing both to Navy and Stanford.

Here’s the lowlights and Mr. Kelly waxing philosophical:

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:


Notre Dame vs Miami Predictions – 8:00PM EST ABC

Notre Dame VS Miami Predictions

I happened to catch part of the Miami/Syracuse game and Miami did not impress me at all. Syracuse had a good shot but blew it.

Common opponent North Carolina – ND 33-10 blowout. Miami 24-17.

Get past the gangsta attitude – Miami is not that good. Forget the gold chains & attitude, plus the former players on the sideline – ND should roll these guys.

Miami QB Malik Rosier, a dual threat can be awful at times, so if ND can press him he’s prone to just throw it up for grabs. BUT the ND defense can’t just sit back like they did against Wake, they have to be in his face all night.

On Offense the ND OL must from the very first snap play all out smash-mouth football. These Miami guys will fold if you take it to them for 4 quarters.

I believe Miami will hang with ND for the 1st quarter and barring turnovers ND will run a truck right thru them.

Forget the east/west runs – Miami is too fast. Just run North/South and quick short pass them to death. I would follow the Wake QB – quick release – let the receivers do some running. Finally, go uptempo.

Notre Dame 42 Miami 27

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:


Notre Dame 48 Wake Forest 37 – Recap And Highlights

ND vs Wake Forest Highlights

Why does this game feel like a loss? When you’re winning 38-10 going into the 4th, how does Wake score 27 points? Another quarter and we would have lost.

The good news is we ran up 710 yards. The bad news we gave up 587 yards. Really good teams don’t do that. It’s sort of like quitting in the 4th quarter. We’ll see Saturday vs Miami who just dismantled Virginia Tech.

WR Chase Claypool had a big breakout game with 9 catches for 180 yards. ND TE’s starting to get more passes thrown their way. DB Julian Love had another pick – 3rd of the Season.

The OL continues to frustrate me. They are good one play then suck the next play. They better practice pass protect more. 5Th year LT was offsides 3 times this game. He must have the ND school record.

I like what I see from QB Ian Book. He looks very composed and he threw a TD pass.

Wake’s QB Wolford has a very quick release. He kept them in the game.

Horrible weather, cold rainy. ND just wanted to get to the lockers at the end of 3rd quarter. Let’s hope for warm weather Saturday – please no rain.

Here are the game highlights:


Notre Dame vs Wake Forest Predictions

Notre Dame vs Wake Forest Predictions

Notre Dame should roll all over Wake and to make matters worse Wake just lost their star receiver for the season.

Wake will hang in for the 1st quarter then ND will run wild on them. They have a decent front seven led by DE Duke Ejiofor, but the ND unrelenting ground game will wear them down to the point that ND will have to slow it down in the 4th quarter to keep from running up the score.

This may be the game that catapults Josh Adams into the front runner for the Heisman. I look for a 200 yard game from him with 2 long gainers and 4 TD’s.

Wake is currently 5-3 and the last game they beat Louisville 42-32, but they haven’t seen anybody like this ND team.

Notre Dame 48 Wake Forest 17

Here is the pre game Brian Kelly press conference: