Notre Dame VS Temple – More Predictions

ND vs Temple 2017 Predictions

Temple has nothing to lose in this game while for ND it would be a devastating way to open the 2017 season. With Georgia on the horizon going 0-2 would be a disaster.

Will Kelly let the new co-ordinators have free reign? I don’t think he will. Kelly won’t be able to help himself.

A key to how this plays out is if these new guys are on the sideline. If the OC is in the booth, Kelly will be calling the plays – the 3 that run around like hamsters in his head.

What should worry ND fans is Temple HC Geoff Collins coaching background. He has SEC experience including Alabama, Mississippi State and Florida. He was an excellent DC and whatever ND shows he’s seen, but a lot faster.

ND QB Wimbush will probably have to win this game with his legs. Temple’s secondary is very good and I predict they will get 2 picks. Also Wimbush will fumble 2x’s.

ND OL will once again disappoint and it will take a 4th quarter effort for ND to pull this out.

Something of interest is the Temple Center Matt Hennessy. He is a redshirt who is already on the Rimington Award list. He’s 6’4″ 295 and will be going up against NG Jerry Tillery. This will be an interesting battle for line domination.

The aura of ND is gone, opponents are no longer awed and many come in quite arrogant and dismissive of ND.

Notre Dame 30 Temple 24

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