Notre Dame vs Stanford Predictions

Notre Dame Vs Stanford Predictions

Now we really know. Pitt just beat Miami 24-14 with a freshman QB, caused Miami to punt 10 times and ended the game with a time consuming final drive.

Here are the highlights from that game:

Compare that to ND’s players and coaches who were absolutely terrified throughout their game. Frozen by fear, the entire ND football team basically could not function on any level. Pitt has 7 losses.

Stanford has had ND’s number for years and I again look to a frightened ND team just suffering a total collapse in their final game. This will look like Gerry Faust’s last game at ND.

This is a top to bottom problem led by the ridiculed Brian Kelly and I don’t care how many strength coaches and assistant coaches Kelly hires – it’s on him and the players and they just can’t compete. Kelly has to go, win or loss.

Stanford 38 Notre Dame 17

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:

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