Notre Dame vs Navy Predictions

ND vs Navy Predictions

Well at least when ND takes the field against Navy they won’t be terrified. The Miami players literally scared the s*** out of them.

Wimbush had eyes as large as dinner plates. The good news is that loss will keep ND away from some other really good teams out there. Maybe Rutgers will be available.

Wimbush is turning into Golson – it’s almost eerie. I don’t think his passing can be corrected – he really has the yips.

ND shouldn’t lose this game, but don’t forget the seniors with a possibility of playing Pro Ball will be more concerned with not getting hurt than winning. Adams has already left the field with some type of injury, but can still yuk it up on the sideline.

I’d play Book and put Wimbush in as a receiver.

Of more concern is the fact that Miami knew what plays ND was running especially the Book TD pick.

If I were Kelly I’d put the OC upstairs. He obviously had no idea what Miami was doing. At least he could see that the Miami speed was killing his slow developing plays.

Look for a lackluster game with Navy holding the ball.

Notre Dame 35 Navy 27

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:

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