Notre Dame vs Miami Predictions – 8:00PM EST ABC

Notre Dame VS Miami Predictions

I happened to catch part of the Miami/Syracuse game and Miami did not impress me at all. Syracuse had a good shot but blew it.

Common opponent North Carolina – ND 33-10 blowout. Miami 24-17.

Get past the gangsta attitude – Miami is not that good. Forget the gold chains & attitude, plus the former players on the sideline – ND should roll these guys.

Miami QB Malik Rosier, a dual threat can be awful at times, so if ND can press him he’s prone to just throw it up for grabs. BUT the ND defense can’t just sit back like they did against Wake, they have to be in his face all night.

On Offense the ND OL must from the very first snap play all out smash-mouth football. These Miami guys will fold if you take it to them for 4 quarters.

I believe Miami will hang with ND for the 1st quarter and barring turnovers ND will run a truck right thru them.

Forget the east/west runs – Miami is too fast. Just run North/South and quick short pass them to death. I would follow the Wake QB – quick release – let the receivers do some running. Finally, go uptempo.

Notre Dame 42 Miami 27

Here is the Brian Kelly pre game press conference:

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