Notre Dame 49 Temple 16 – Highlights And Recap

It feels good to be wrong. On a perfect day for football ND crushed Temple with a relentless punishing running game. ND rolled 422 yards on the ground, led by Josh Adams–161 and Dexter Williams–124.

After berating the OL they came out and played very well. The Left Side really took over. On one occasion the RG Bars pulled left and absolutely demolished a defender leading to a big gain for Adams.

The RT position is still a toss up with Kraemer and true freshman Hainsey splitting time.

QB Wimbush throws nice both long and short and he certainly has legs, but he’s taking way too many hits. He also took hits in the pocket leading announcer Flutie to comment “throw and duck”. I have no idea why with a big lead #2 QB Book didn’t get at least 1 series, but again that’s typical of Kelly.

WE have the RB’s and the line and the QB – now it’s time to continue to produce every week. Going ahead we need to score a lot of points in every game.

The defense needs to improve, but they played a lot of guys including 2 Frosh – #41 Hinish DL saw a lot of action and another guy with a long name. Hayes at DE disrupted all game and LB Tranquill was all over the place.

5TH Wheel – Kelly. He constantly interrupted OC Long when Long trying to instruct the Offense. Not one to share the limelight Kelly will soon put Long up in the booth.

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