Notre Dame 49 Boston College 20 – Recap And Highlights

Brian Kelly post game BC press conference

This game wasn’t as lopsided as the final score. Until about 11 minutes into the 3rd quarter the score was 14-13 then BC just collapsed. They played hard until a series of long runs put the game out of reach.

ND had 515 rushing yards and only about 100 passing yards. Adams ran for 229 yards while Wimbush had 207 with 4 TD’s.

So what does that tell us? Wimbush looked like a running back trying to pass – in fact his passing game was dreadful. Where were ND’s receivers? No one was open and if they were, Wimbush missed them. He’s aiming the ball way too much.

When you watch this game again – if it wasn’t a long run nothing much was happening and it was obvious ND just wore down BC. Hate can only take you so far.

Going ahead I don’t know what to think. We have MSU next and then Miami Ohio – neither should be a problem, but then again MSU always gives ND all they can handle.

ND must do something about its passing game if they expect to live through the 2nd half of the season. But for now at least the subs got some playing time.

Here are the game highlights:

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:

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