Notre Dame 24 Navy 17 – Recap And Highlights

nd vs navy highlight pic

Weary and dreary the whole game and a bunch of little kids almost beat the giants of the midwest.

Wimbush had 2 beautiful passes to Stepherson for TD’s, but he almost got WR EQ killed with another of his patented high passes. How can you be a major college QB and not be able to toss a 4 yard lob pass? Wimbush has a long delivery throwing motion which will keep him out of Pro Ball. Someone get him a dartboard.

I don’t know what anyone can do to improve this team right now. Almost every play is predictable and Wimbush obviously does not trust his OL.

Adams has been hurt for awhile and seems to re-injure himself every time he runs. He ran for 106 yards and the Navy FB ran for 87. The Navy QB a gritty kid but he just can’t pass that well.

The weather and Navy holding the ball for 43 minutes put viewers in a funk mixed with disappointment.

OK, next up and last game of the regular season is Stanford and Stanford is only so-so but so is ND. The best thing that can happen for ND is to lose to Stanford and not have to play any of the major top 15 teams in a Bowl Game.

Coaches – I pray some Pro Team is stupid enough to hire Kelly. We have a legitimate 5 Star QB committed, but if Kelly is still there he won’t play and if that happens he might transfer out.

I am not impressed by our new OC but then again all these plays look a lot like Kelly. We are light years removed from the Holtz era.

Here are the game highlights:

Here is the Brian Kelly post game press conference:

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