Gold 27 Blue 14 – Recap And Highlights

Kinda dull watching this, but that’s good since Wimbush (Blue) would have been killed without that red shirt. He was going against the 1st team defense which dominated for the most part – 11 sacks. Daelin Hayes beat up on RT Tommy Kraemer and had 3 sacks and 7 tackles.

What do we take from that? The OL needs lots of work, once again. It seems every year we hear it is the best OL, Best OL Coach, Stronger and of course stacked with best OL recruits that 4 Stars have trouble cracking the lineup.

One play particularly drew my attention – the offense was on the 1-2 yard line and the RB failed to gain an inch.

Drue Tranquill has found a home as Rover and he was all over the field. This kid is a real player.

I was pleasantly surprised by the entire Defense. Just about everybody on the 1st team looked good most of the time, although tackling is still an issue. The coaches have a lot of work to do on that.

With just a hand tag to stop the play, we didn’t get to see Wimbush really run the ball – he looks super quick.

His passing is adequate – 300 yards, but 2 picks. At times he looks like he’s aiming the ball and some throws seem to sail. We will just have to wait and see, but I think his running will make up for a lot.

Wow, all the RB’s looked very good, very strong. These guys just wouldn’t go down.

We have a ton of WR’s and finally big TE’s. It’s good to see Alize back.

Ian Book (Gold) – kid looked great, passed for about 270 yards with one long 58 yd TD toss. He reminded me of Tommy Rees with the exception that he can move. We should be ok with him if Wimbush gets injured.

You really can’t gauge from this snap shot, but with the landmines in the schedule we have to win every game in September, even then we might be 6-6. We’ll see, but Kelly looks to me that he’s trolling for a Pro job. I think he’s resigned to the fact this might be his last year at ND.

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