Georgia 20 Notre Dame 19 – Highlights And Recap

Brian Kelly Georgia Presser

Well that’s that! We look like 2016 except that the Georgia Defense completely demolished the ND Offensive Line and made LT McGlinchey look like he never played in a football game and he’s been there 5 years. The rest of the OL were turnstiles also. ND ran the ball 37 times for 55 yards.

Here are the game highlights:

QB Wimbush was completely befuddled due in large part that he had no blocking and panicked many times as he was getting hit on almost every play. He ran for a net gain of 1 yard and was 20/40 for 210 yards.

Outside of receivers EQ and Finke, the other receivers did nothing at all. Why isn’t CJ Sanders playing full time? He was supposed to be the fastest guy on the team.

Even with the all of the above, this should have been a win. Georgia gifted ND with 127 yards in penalties and a missed FG.

On a positive note the ND Defense stayed in there and held GA to 186 yards rushing.

On a negative note Georgia showed everybody how to defend ND.

To finish off the festivities, Kelly turned snarky with a girl reporter at the end of his post game presser – he came off like a rat with a toothpick.

Here is the post game press conference:

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