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Notre Dame 31 LSU 28

An unexpected ND team showed up for the cold Music Bowl – a methodical battering OL that really manhandled the vaunted LSU front seven. Starting with the new QB Zaire and 2 TE sets, the Irish pounded away all game running the ball and throwing just enough passes – some really critical to control the […]


Zaire To Start

Yes – maybe it won’t work out, but this kid deserves his shot. I really think Golson is psyched out and LSU would have blitzed him senseless. At least now we have a big QB, if Zaire is only 6′ then Golson is 5’8″ and can’t run. This must be a disappointment to LSU, but […]


Notre Dame Vs LSU

Time fades and I was beginning to get somewhat optimistic about the LSU game until I saw Rutgers completely dismantle North Carolina 40-21. That brought me down to the grim reality of actually playing this game Tuesday. Rutgers does not have one player that ND would even consider and NC gave us all we could […]


Exit Jimmy Clausen

I am not a Pro Football fan, only occasionally watch Tom Brady but decided to watch the Bears Lions game since Jimmy would play in place of Jay Cutler. I have no idea the ins and outs of Cutler’s season but do know he just scored $147 Million from the Bears, but they want him […]


Kelly Saturday Presser

Finally some good news. Jarrett Grace 6’3″ 250 lbs back in pads and practicing. While he will not play in Bowl Game, he should be a full go for 2015. So I would expect Schmidt & Grace inside with Morgan and Smith moving outside. DT Sheldon Day expected to start along with Rochell moving inside […]


10 Days To Lost Relevance

Notre Dame is hard at work to at least trying not to get embarrassed in their Bowl Game, which lucky for them will be played on a Tuesday afternoon. As a result full disclosure of their ineptitude will be missed by most. Let’s start with coaching – namely Brian Kelly. 5 years in and USC […]


Commit #22 For 2015 Class

3 Star Safety from Indianapolis Indiana Mykelti Williams joins the 2015 Class. Offered by Nebraska, Miss. State, Wisconsin and others – he opted for the Irish as soon as they offered. He sounds really happy about it and this means,of course, that ND is out of the picture on other big names they were recruiting. […]


Suicide Bowl ND Vs LSU

The fact that Kelly and ND lobbied to play LSU as opposed to say Tennessee leads me to believe that Kelly is totally detached from reality – like Hitler in his bunker moving around phantom divisions on his war map. You just gotta listen to his press conference. Every position is up for grabs, full […]


USC Aftermath

Whatever you do, don’t watch a replay of this game. It’s really worse than it seemed as seen live. The defense was almost comical or reminiscent of a really bad High School team. No one knew what to do or even where to line up. USC QB Cody Kessler quipped ND was never ready at […]